The Comedy Crate - May at The Retro Room

I’m back on the comedy horse again after a few weeks of messing around with baby and family photography nonsense - and what a treat last night was! 

This was a brand new gig for the guys at The Comedy Crate, and with that there are so many unknowns. Would there be an audience? Is that audience going to be in to it? 

Getting there, I didn’t trust the sat nav when it took me to an industrial estate right opposite a council estate in deepest Northampton - to the point I pulled over, googled the venue and it said ‘your destination is on the left.’ Oh. Having said that, I like venues I can roll straight into the car from the entrance, so fair play. 

I wondered what kind of audience it would attract, as it’s not in the centre of town by any stretch - but it was absolutely lovely. An entirely different audience from the usual comedy crowd; but these guys had come out to be entertained and would have a ball no matter what. 

The excellent Ross Smith hosted the evening. Ross recently found himself on a lads weekend in Amsterdam after being asked by total strangers on Twitter if he’d like to take his place (their friend was also called Ross Smith); cue a viral smash, a live twitter feed of the whole weekend and an Edinburgh show. Anyway, Ross is an amazing MC and had the audience on side pretty much right away. 

I hadn’t seen the other acts on the bill, which is why I love this job - and Jon Pearson was the perfect Saturday night opener - he’s about nine feet tall or something, but entirely lovely (and funny) and was a commanding presence. That set up the middle section nicely; with the joyous Elroy Welsh and excellent Jason Neale. Headlining was the very funny Hannah Sylvester who finished with a brilliant song about living your dreams…sort of! 

I love nights when all of the acts get a great reception and I hope that this becomes a regular gig because is it was unpretentious and friendly and you can never have enough of those kind of nights. 

The Comedy Crate guys have some cracking line ups coming up as well as the second Comedy Crate Festival in July so check out their site for details..

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