Free Night Time London Photo Walk - 10th February

Hi everyone, 

I’m quite excited by my latest hare brained idea concocted in the last 15 minutes, and I would LOVE for you to join me.

I’m hosting a night time photo walk in Central London on Saturday 10th February 2018. 

It started out just as a way for me to get into town and take some nice photos for myself, but left to my own devices, I would stay home, drink beer and watch rubbish TV - so asked a photographer friend if he was interested, and the next thing you know, here I am advertising it to all and sundry…

Depending on its success - I may make it a regular event, but for now, this is for fun which is why it is absolutely free. Just likeminded people, wandering the streets until the pub calls…

I grew up in London, I love London, I know London like the back of my hand and it is at its most beautiful and vibrant once the sun goes down.

We’re meeting at the TKTS booth in Leicester Square and will take in Soho, Piccadilly Circus, The South Bank, London Bridge, Tower Bridge and everywhere in between. 

I will giving tips and advice on night shooting and long exposures so really, no experience is necessarily needed - just bring your camera and monopod or tripod. 

I’ve created a Facebook event here to register interest and chat about the night. 

It will go ahead whatever the weather, if it’s raining, so much the better because London is beautiful in the rain and will make for some fantastic photos! 

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below, join the Facebook group or email me…


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