Bank Holiday In the River…

When we are thinking of things to do with the kids, we are often thinking theme parks, soft play, expensive stuff that you have to compensate for by eating beans on toast for the rest of the month.

It’s all too easy to forget the beautiful countryside right on our doorsteps in the UK. Even if you are in any of the big cities here, you are only a few minutes or an hour at the most from some stunning tranquillity. 

Northamptonshire is blessed with some amazing unspoilt secret spots and none so beautiful as our family favourite a mere ten minutes from home. If the weather is nice and warm then we head straight for Wadenhoe Mill and go for a swim in the River Nene. it’s shallow enough for the small boy to paddle, with places deep enough for the older one to have a proper swim. There’s nothing there, there’s no-one around, just a few beautiful old houses and some dog walkers.

Anyway, the boys love it and pick it over everything else every time. Go and explore what is just outside your door - support your local community and use your time with loved ones wisely! 

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