Planning for Paris

So…I am planning four days in Paris for half term. It seems to be an emerging trend that when I have had a little bit too much of the sweet, sweet beer at home, I recklessly book trips I cannot afford yet cannot cancel; so here we go again…

I’ve not really done Paris for more than a day at a time before - and exploring with the kids is going to be an entirely different experience to the bar crawls and cheese binges I would ordinarily indulge in and to be frank, I am shooting in the dark a little! 

We’re all booked up for the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, and plan on going up to Sacre Couer so the boys can experience those amazing views over the city; but am I making them endure all of those things because they just so happen to make for some amazing photographs? See, this is the tightrope I always find myself walking with the boys. I find it really difficult to switch off the photographer side of my brain to just be present and in the moment for my kids. Do they mind? Will they eventually resent the fact that I’m not just taking them to great places for the sake of it - that there is always an ulterior motive. OR is it OK as long as I remember to actually take some pics with them in while we’re there? 

Do any other photographers have these anxieties?! 

I’ve decided while sitting down and writing this to set aside one day where the camera will be left in the hotel. To do fun stuff that they want to do. 

If anyone has any recommendations for things to do that kids who speak no French whatsoever might like - feel free to let me know on twitter @stuarthogben


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